Growing your own vegetables is – growing!
And doing so with others is growing even faster.

Sharing land and skills for vegetable gardensThere are 37 million home vegetable gardens in America. Since 2008, community gardens have tripled from 1 million to 3 million. The average gardener invests $70 to grow $600 in food.

But many would-be growers – maybe you – are held back by lack of land, skills, and mentors. Or the chance to sell, rather than eat, what you grow.

Now comes an idea inspired by other sharing services: an online exchange that helps you find or offer nearby space for a garden, find or offer to be a helper or green-thumb advisor. It’s called Alfrea, and it’s also pioneering an online farmers’ market.

If growing some of your own food is one of your family’s tactics to climate-proof your future, check out Alfrea and other ways (some mentioned in my book Climate-Proofto make the process easy and fun.