An in-your-face public service announcement
could wake your town to the costs of climate change.

Lido Beach sea level markerLido Beach in Sarasota, FL installed an eight-foot-high marker in the sand showing projected rising sea levels over time. To put it in perspective for local residents and tourists, the marker points out landmarks along the beach, and how severely altered (or underwater) these beloved beacons will be in the future.

In addition to physical damage, the prospect of changes to a coastal town could affect its economy (which may be largely based on tourism). Along with the projected damage caused by rising sea levels, the Sarasota pole suggests actions residents can take to lessen the impacts. Improving city drainage and armoring the shoreline, for instance, might be among them. There is strong evidence that the earlier the action the lower the overall cost.

To help keep your property value high and your state and local costs manageable, maybe you should contact your city to see about installing some markers of their own.