A rising sea level means, among other things, the flooding of the coastlines I love. And the coastal cities I frequent. It’s among my least favorite thoughts, but seems to be my most frequent post topic.

I’d be delighted to drop the subject, to move on. Yes, I’d look back with embarrassment on all these months of worry. But hey, my favorite places would be safe.

If only I could find authoritative assurances. But challenges to the scientists’ projections seem narrow and nit-picking. The media don’t make money by seeking truth. And most government policy makers are tiptoeing.

But not all. A strong voice against sea-level rise is now in the leadership of the US House of Representatives. I can’t believe I missed his reassuring pronouncement last spring.

This Republican leader is right now vying to become Chair of the House Energy and Commerce Committee – the gatekeeper for all federal energy legislation.

If a promise made to a 600-year-old man 4,300 years ago and written down 3,400 years ago, is what prevents Congress from protecting our country, we need to hope – as one-third of our fellow Americans already believe – that Rep. Shimkus is onto something.