Protect the family budget from the effects of warming?
Our children wouldn’t stand for it!

Climate-Proof Your Family Budget book cover

The insidious costs of warming are beginning to hit our family finances. There are many tactics for protecting ourselves, but they just won’t work in some families because . . . what would the kids think!  

 – Move to a more climate-proof town? What, and disrupt their lives?

 – A smaller house? They’d be coming down in the world!

 – Lower-cost vacations? What would the kids tell their peers?

 – More modest clothing budgets? You obviously don’t know much about clothes in high school!

 – Siphon more income into savings?  From where?

Hey, but how about we trade in Molly’s old Chevy for a new hybrid? She’d like that! That’s green, right?


Is self-esteem so important? Is it a better foundation for life than, say, an early habit of frugality and saving, or growing up in a climate-safe hometown, or creating climate-resistant personal finances to dampen future risks?

Should we just ignore the extra costs of drought, flooding, heat, taxes, government service cuts, and more that will characterize the warmer world that’s coming?

We couldn’t do that to our children!