Will you soon find yourself moving
to a more climate-proof locality?

Evaluating hometownsMany of us spend vacations just exploring. “Let’s see the Ozarks this year,” or “Let’s visit Sue in Bozeman. I’ve always wanted to know more about that part of the country.” Over the coming years, in addition to recreation and education you might start using these trips to look for your next hometown.

Thirteen million of us will be migrating inland in coming decades according to a new study. Even if we’re not personally flooded, we’ll be retreating from the financial costs of sea level rise and stronger coastal storms. Others may begin moving from drought-prone towns in the southwest, adding to a slow-motion swarm out of about twenty-five states into a different twenty-five. If you’re hometown is in one of the many threatened areas, you could eventually be looking for a more climate-proof place to live. With growing demand for property in the destination localities, getting there before home prices are pushed up could be a good financial play.

The “Understand How Much Place Matters” chapter of my book, gives some advice on how to evaluate a new hometown and how to lower the emotional barriers to moving. And of course the Where-to-Live Scorecards compiled by Climate-Proof can help you evaluate specific towns you may want to consider.