Want to know where it’s cheap to commute?
Check around your area with the H + T Index.

Commuting traffic SFOTime spent in traffic congestion cost the average San Francisco driver $1,996 last year. The Chamber of Commerce, Police Department and MTA are all noodling ideas to lower commuting times, like deploying officers to enforce “blocking the box” violations. But most of these ideas cost money.

What’s more, a new survey shows that a majority of San Francisco residents would be willing to pay even higher taxes if it led to transportation improvements. Governor Jerry Brown is now seeking to increase California’s gas tax and vehicle fees to raise $5 billion a year for rehabbing roads and improving transportation. Many of these costs will combat deterioration to our infrastructure from climate change.

We may not be able to dodge growing transportation taxes, but our out-of-pocket costs – not to mention our stress and wasted time – are more within our control. Alternatives to driving, such as walking, biking, carpooling, or taking public transportation are available for some, but only when you live in the right spot. If you’re considering moving for a cheaper easier commute, check the Housing and Transportation Affordability Index. These ratings can help you find neighborhoods that will cut your family’s transportation costs.

If you are a the typical American, transportation is your second largest budget item at 17%. Commuting may be only part of this but, with some knowledgeable planning, you can cut that part dramatically.