Many believe global warming is part of the longed-for Apocalypse.
If so, resisting global warming is resisting God’s plan.

Armageddon and global warming

It says, “Those who believe in the Apocalypse don’t have to worry about the environment.”

I’ve been trying to understand why conservatives reject the chance to lead the country on global warming? It was Pres. Reagan, after all, who instituted cap-and-trade to halt acid rain, a similar threat.

I see fighting climate change as a cause with CONSERVATIVE stamped all over it:

◦ conserving the American way of life
◦ protecting the country
◦ creating big new industries
◦ grasping an opportunity to lead the world again
◦ using cap-and-trade to let the free market fix things.

I think I’ve found why it’s not.

My neighbor believes that soon Christ, in his Second Coming, will “Rapture” his true believers from Earth and establish a Kingdom of God, leaving everyone else to perish in the Apocalypse.

. . . so maybe we should be doing more to preserve our world.

According to believers, in that end-of-the-world conflagration, most of mankind must perish before the thousand-year Paradise on Earth can begin. For those who are expecting to be Raptured into Paradise, the sooner the Apocalypse comes the better. And global warming scenarios certainly can sound a lot like world destruction.

My neighbor is not alone. 44% of Americans (52% of Republicans) say that the severity of recent natural disasters is evidence of what the Bible calls the End Times, not of climate change. That’s why many believers (and some Congressional leaders) think that resisting climate change would be resisting God’s plan.

Now that May 21st – the the most recent prediction for the Rapture – has passed and my neighbor is still here, I’m hoping he and other believers in the End Times will decide it’s worth stewarding ‘God’s Creation’ a while longer.