Businesses in climate-proof locations
can provide climate-proof investments.

Growth of Bozeman, MT driven by climate change?150 new residents arrive in Bozeman and its suburbs every day, or so we were told when we landed there last week. Some of them are likely to be climate migrants, coming from areas afflicted by drought, flooding, sea level rise, or increasing water pollution – none of which is a problem in this valley.

As we drove around the city, its growth and vitality were easy to see. Wouldn’t it be good to have shares in that new coffee shop we passed, or the hardware store extension next door to it! Or a growing business selling Subarus, granite countertops, or fitness memberships.

Done right, investment in a local business boosts everyone. The business can expand, and a money partner can watch over his or her investment. But the biggest benefit is the strong correlation between an abundance of local businesses – hiring, spending, donating and volunteering locally – and regional economic growth, something that the presence of national chains doesn’t provide.

But how can you make such an investment? You might start at the Local Investing Resource Center, which will connect you to existing  groups and people or, if nothing exists in your area, helps you establish a LION (Local Investing Opportunities Network) to help bring a town’s small businesses and private investors together. There’s even a listing for Bozeman!