Dozens of threats to our family finances and life plans.
Scores of ideas for protecting ourselves and our communities.

Climate-Proof Your Personal Finances guideJUST PUBLISHED!

Climate-Proof was released in paperback on Amazon this weekend, and will shortly be out in Kindle, Nook and other Ebook formats.

It’s written on the premise that – whether or not America eventually tackles greenhouse emissions – the costs of warming are already, uh, baked in for the next couple of decades. Savvy families will need to learn how to minimize their exposures to rising infrastructure, health, and defense/disaster costs; prepare for change in job markets, property values, and investment prospects; and avoid new financial pains from everyday cost increases and lifestyle threats.

Climate-Proof contains scores of examples of what individuals and communities are doing to protect themselves. And this blog will chronicle updated and innovative efforts being made across the country to climate-proof our families, neighborhoods, and communities. Please help me to learn about the actions you and your community are taking to ward off the impacts of warming in your area.

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