What industries should you be looking at?
Or steering your kids toward?

It may pay to invest in a career change. Some industries are predicted to grow even as the general economy is slowed by costs from warming. These include

– medical practices in asthma and allergy,

– consultancies in hydrology and coastal engineering,

– law practices specializing in environmental liability,

– management firms in energy conservation especially in buildings, and

– planning organizations that can help climate-proof a city’s budget.

Wherever the big impacts of global warming are coming, you’ll find a growing demand  to help minimize that cost, pain, and dislocation.

Oh, and you might think about obtaining skills in high-tech agriculture. After all, drought and other pressures on our food supply are growing, and the average age of an American farmer today is 55.

Where to start browsing industries? Take a look at this research on 900 industries compiled by business-school students, identifying vulnerabilities of each to warming. I was surprised at the climate impacts in cloud web services, tourism, breakfast cereal, paper and packaging, bourbon distilling, soft drinks, and others.

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