Free climate-proof indicators for any U.S. town or Zip Code.

Springfield, IL Sample Climate Report


Multiple Scorecards    You can request Scorecards for any number of towns, then view all the measurements in comparison tables. It’s free.

Authoritative data    The measurements we include come from government, research organizations and other authoritative sources. We particularly seek out data that are as local as possible – by Zip Code,  hospital service area, or nearest weather station, for instance.

Grades    Most scorecards contain raw measurement numbers and percentiles. We also transform these into letter grades both for specific aspects of a place (e.g. heating/ cooling needs or flood danger) and for general categories like Energy and Security.

Help with further research   Extensive notes on where each measurement comes from and how it’s calculated are included. We also tell you where you can see even more detailed information – sometimes as specific as a street.