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“David Stookey’s primary argument, that climate change is coming out of the political realm and into our daily lives, is one of which we would all do well to be better aware.”



“Using a “no-regrets” approach, Stookey provides page after page of easily overlooked, practical guidance so that you, your family and friends will be more financially secure in an insecure world. Includes lots of references and links for more information as things change in the coming years.”

— JOHN ENGLANDER, oceanographer and author of High Tide on Main Street


“This book is full of thoughtful advice and practical tips for weathering the ecological and economic storms on the horizon. Stookey writes with a humane sensibility and grounded realism that invites us to act not from fear, but from pragmatism and possibility.”

— CHUCK COLLINS, senior scholar, Institute for Policy Studies, cofounder of the Resilience Circle network, and author of Born on Third Base.


“This important book brings into sharp focus the dramatic and direct impact climate change will have on our local communities and their residents. It is an invaluable and unique resource for community leaders and citizens in planning for the shortages of food, water, energy and increased costs and health risks that will arise. It presents a compelling case and an excellent blueprint for civic leaders and individuals to take strong measures now to get ahead of the curve.“

— EARL M. LEIKEN, Mayor of Shaker Heights, Ohio


“A very good book. Uncommonly well-researched with solid advice on how you can protect not just your finances, but also your most valuable assets—your home and family. An invaluable roadmap, which includes up-to-date links to many resources so you can drill deeper into individual topics. I’m very impressed with this book and I’m looking forward to using it as a reference for my own work regarding quality of life in different U.S. cities.”

— BERT SPERLING, author of Cities Ranked and Rated, creator of BestPlaces.net


“When I opened Climate-Proof, I was instantly reminded how we need to think about the economic impact that climate changes will impose on the private sector, our governments—and especially the finances and comfort of our families. I encourage readers to consider their own security, in particular if they live in a sensitive coastal zone. The rising waters will bring rising costs—so thinking and planning now will protect you and your family long-term.”

— LAUREN H. CARSON, RI State Representative. Chair, Special House Commission On Economic Risk Due to Flooding and Sea Level Rise.


“Think there’s nothing you can do to protect yourself from climate change? Nonsense. David Stookey lays out in simple, accessible language dozens of easy steps you can take that boost your personal bottom line and the planet’s. This should be required reading for financial advisers coast to coast.”

— MICHAEL H. SHUMAN, author of Local Dollars, Local Sense:  How to Shift Your Money from Wall Street to Main Street and Achieve Real Prosperity