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Create (or find) a climate-proof hometown

Actions Americans are taking    Climate-Proof chronicles initiatives you can take to protect yourself from the effects of climate change. Actions that other families and communities are taking to safeguard themselves are reported in our blog. Many of these illustrate changes to spending – and thinking – habits.

Where you live   We help you understand the importance of a climate-proof hometown. Some towns have little chance of protecting their residents from huge climate costs – caused by heat, flood, drought, sea level rise and other effects of global warming. Other towns are naturally climate-proof.

Town-by-town ratings  To help people see the risks in their particular location, our Where-To-Live Scorecards rate every town in America for its ability to climate-proof its residents. The Scorecards are also useful to those looking to relocate to a climate-proof hometown.

Links to your wallet   Supplementing my book, Climate-Proof Your Personal Finances, the site helps you envision the impacts on your family’s expenses, income and assets. Beyond the obvious dangers from weather, there are many costs that are beginning to reach you without your noticing.

Life planning Climate-Proof will help you select jobs, education, and assets that are likely to protect you from these costly changes. We also offer some ideas about how to time your actions to the opportunities.

Who am I?

I’m David Stookey. As creator of this website and writer of Climate-Proof Your Personal Finances, my primary qualifications include a wonderful wife, three great children, retirement income, and a concern to protect them all.

I worry. I ask questions. I look for ways to make the family adaptable and resilient. And I realize where we choose to live will be critical to a family’s future – their finances and well-being.

My other roles have included CEO of venture-backed firms in software, AIDS research, and medical diagnostic systems, VP in a McGraw-Hill subsidiary, Hong Kong’s leading debt collector, consultant in Tehran, solo transatlantic sailboat racer, and Harvard MBA. My urge to find and spread useful ideas pushed me to be a business-literacy trainer to Fortune 500 firms, editor and publisher of a little magazine on open-water rowing, and compiler of an online directory for cruising sailors.

I’ve benefited greatly from the choices and the security America has provided in the past. With your help, I want to figure out how we can keep those opportunities and resources around for all our kids.

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