Working from home can reduce career risks 

Freelancing can help climate-prof your careerPredicted effects of global warming on the job market include rapid growth of industries that help climate-proof our lives and our communities – like companies that sell water reuse equipment, long-distance moving services, or financing for renewable energy. At the same time we can expect a steady, perhaps dramatic, withering of other sectors like carbon energy, fisheries, and winter sports, as well as housing, tourism and agriculture in climate-damaged locations.

The challenge of finding work with low employment risks will grow as warming creates and squeezes these and many other industries. Freelancing is one way to stay adaptable and able to ride the favorable job trends.

Did you know that 55 million people, or 35% of the American workforce, currently hold freelancing jobs? According to a recent study freelancers earned $1 trillion in 2016, demonstrating the economy’s dependency on a flexible labor force. The majority of freelancers who left their full-time job actually made more money within a year. Better pay and greater ability to manage employment risks? Yes, please!

Businesses look to telecommuting for accountants, writers, marketers, programmers, designers, and many others. Do you have skills that could be adapted to freelancing? Start building an online presence and begin networking by offering your services to people you know. Start building your clientele before leaving (or losing) your current job.”

Next time: the downside of freelancing.