Storms, droughts, heat waves?
Not in your garden.

FarmWall home hydroponics to protect food costs from global warmingEntertaining friends this weekend? The FarmWall could double as part of your living-room decor and your dinner party menu.

Home hydroponics systems, purchased in recent years mainly for growing marijuana, are becoming simpler, cheaper, and more attractive. And this Canadian company is making things financially easier by offering their systems for rent. Not only do they supply the tower with grow lights, wicking strips, and a drip irrigation system, they send you monthly refills of nutrient solution and seedlings (lettuce, strawberries and others).

Although US food prices have been low in recent years, one of our financial worries is a future increase in food costs, thanks to rising temperatures, floods, droughts, and other effects from climate change. Boosting local production of farmers, community and home gardens, and commercial and domestic hydroponic installations can help insulate us from future cost surges and supply breaks if industrial farmers start struggling.

Installations like the FarmWall are not yet economical for many of us, but they do provide pesticide-free, super-fresh greens. You can start an indoor garden of your own at a reasonable cost, and this website can give you tips to begin a sustainable food supply, away from the effects of climate change.

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