Where-To-Live Reports contain up to 21 measurements.
Now readers can be a bit more selective.

WTL C+ gradeNot all aspects of a town matter to everyone.

– Your family may have no school-age members for whom a declining quality of education matters, no asthmatics affected by poor air quality and pollen.

– You may be young and healthy with the quality of healthcare low among your priorities.

– Some people can’t or won’t bike or use public transport.

– Retirees aren’t usually concerned with employment opportunities, at least for themselves.

This means that you need to collect the individual grades that are important to you, a time-consuming job if you are comparing multiple towns.

So we’ve done a little of the work for you. Check out the OTHER section at the bottom of each Where-To-Live Report for our new Young Family Grade and Retiree Grade. Unlike the Overall Grade, these average only selected measurements in the report. The Young Families Grade emphasizes education and jobs, the Retirees Grade Healthcare, Taxes and Cost of Living.

An oversimplification for sure. But we hope it will speed up comparisons for some users. (Remember that our reports grade only a town’s potential to protect residents from the predicted threats for this decade. They do not cover quality of life, amenities, and other important consideration about where to live – for which there are many other sources.)

Please let me know of any other selective grade we should calculate – or anything else you’d like to see in the Where-To-Live Reports.

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