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Wildfires are one of the threats from global warming to US familiesI can’t tell you how exciting it is to come across Seven Ways Climate Change Is Impacting Your Life Right Now (Even If You Haven’t Noticed Them)! I’ve been wondering when I’d stop being the only one writing on this premise.

The author Becca Schuh, covers some of the physical threats that Americans face from warming – as well as their financial impacts on us. For anyone who wants to save reading the 220 pages of Climate-Proof, her 1,300-word article summarizes some of the bigger dangers – with great video clips.

Of course, the book details far more physical threats from warming, plus their expected financial impacts on families and communities. And it discusses over 100 actions that people are taking to avoid or reduce these threats. Still, I’m hoping “Seven Ways” will break the ice and, with Trump shutting down US efforts to reduce the causes of global warming, there will now be more and more writing for the general public about the effects we face.