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Mobility Austin rideshareAs climate change erodes the comfort and convenience of driving, traffic congestion costs are expected to grow 50% by 2030 (costing the average American household $2,301 per year). Using a rideshare network could help you avoid the rising costs and hassle of commuting alone.

If you live in a smaller city like Austin, TX, rideshare transportation is not often used. With no problem parking downtown, using a personal car for drive-alone trips is simply what these city-dwellers do. But that’s about to change as climate change continues to threatens roads, and a growing population makes commuting slower and more costly.

Movability Austin says the city’s transportation system is already at capacity during rush hours – and growth is coming to the city faster than new transportation facilities can be built. The group is improving mobility to, from, and within the downtown by working with companies and their employees to find carpools and other rideshare services already available – at far less cost than using your personal vehicle.

Does your town have a Transportation Management Association like Movability Austin? Locate your closest TMA by using this directory, and see what services they offer. In addition to using Uber or Lyft, try an online carpool service such as Carpool World, a free rideshare listing service that pairs you with other users seeking carpool companions. Save hundreds of dollars in transportation costs, reduce your commuting stress,  and climate-proof your future costs by making a carpool part of your daily commute.