Do you know a local startup that could use financial advice?
This conference may help.

Climate change will burden you with new costs and lifestyle disruptions. Your tax and insurance bills, food and transportation costs, and even your employment are all threatened by warming.

Today, the World Bank Group launches the inaugural “Innovate4Climate – Finance & Markets Week” in Barcelona, Spain from May 22-25th. Government, business, banking, and corporate finance leaders are focused on cutting climate change costs, shaping the next generation of climate finance, and mobilizing investment for national climate action plans.

The event includes a two-day conference, workshops, and a networking and exhibition area that will accelerate climate-focused investment. The ‘Moving the Needle on Early Stage Clean Tech Financing’ workshop will address the hardships local startups face when they do not have access to financing or face too many constraints from the government (like with Chicago’s proposed urban agriculture zones). Sessions on how to unlock risk capital for startups facing climate challenges such as clean energy, water supply, and climate-smart agriculture might help startups in your hometown.

Check out Innovate4Climate’s website (above) for more information or follow the official #Innovate4Climate hashtag on Twitter for the latest exhibition news. You can get ideas from the events in Barcelona this week that may help cut climate change costs in your town’s businesses.