Urban agriculture may make our food supply more secure.
Here’s one way to acquire the skills.

Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 9.35.17 AMWhether it’s large scale or home scale, hydroponics promises high quality, high-efficiency growing. But, like anything new, it takes skill and experience to get quality and efficiency. Here’s an unusual suggestion from Climate-Proof Your Personal Finances:

“Another place to look for mentors and equipment, for indoor growing in particular, is your neighborhood pot farmer. In states that permit cannabis cultivation, look for a ‘garden center’ that specializes in lighting and other indoor growing equipment. Its customers are sure to be way ahead of you on hydroponics and other small-plot growing techniques.”

I’m not suggesting you grow weed. But, to learn something, you want to mix with people who already have the skills . . . and where a developed market has brought equipment prices down.