Drought from falling aquifers is mostly in the West, right?
Not this year! Check out some solutions.

screen-shot-2016-10-14-at-10-26-14-amNew England got about half the rain it needs last summer. Much of northeastern Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire are in an extreme drought, and wells are going dry all over the place. The drought is expected to last through the fall. On top of problems for agriculture, a shortened fall foliage season could really hurt tourism as well.

There’s no immediate solution, but many longer-term ways to protect against the effects of drought will be discussed at a big workshop Worcester Polytechnic Institute is holding on water innovation next week. Topics include ways to reuse municipal wastewater, divert stormwater back into the aquifer, protect watersheds, and more.

If you’re interested but can’t get there, check out the proceedings published afterwards.